Dark Photos: Hit by a Meteorite – The Only Known Survivor


There’s only one person in recorded history with proof of surviving being hit by a meteorite: her name is Ann Hodges.

Sylacauga, a city in central-northeastern Alabama, is known as “The Marble City,” because of its marble quarries. It was there on a bright, chilly day on November 30th, 1954, that Ann Hodges was taking her afternoon nap, swathed in quilts on her sofa in her rented home.

At 2:46pm it happened: a large rock came crashing through her ceiling, bounced off her radio, and struck her in the upper thigh, leaving a massive, pineapple-shaped bruise.

The rock was an 8.5-pound, or 3.8 kilogram, meteorite from outer space and that was still warm to the touch.

Local residents and people all across eastern Alabama had witnessed the incoming meteorite. They reported seeing [QUOTE] “a bright reddish light like a Roman candle trailing smoke,” while others reported incredible explosions that stemmed from [QUOTE] “a fireball, like a gigantic welding arc.” Others heard tremendous explosions and a brown cloud accompanying the fireball.

A government geologist working in a nearby quarry visited the property and concluded that the object was a meteorite. However, many thought a plane had crashed, and others suspected something nefarious by the Soviets.

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