Sprits, The Dead, Ghosts…ARE SPEAKING DIRECT!! Amazing Manual TECHNIQUE!!



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In this video…

Today I use a technique I have only shown off once or twice in past videos. I use an old manual scan radio, hooked into my Black Beauty portal and in return I am rewarded with some pretty clear and direct spirit communication.

At one point the spirit of a father is trying to get a message to his daughter, and does. This work is just so amazing to me and fills my heart with love and peace every time I do it.

Yes we can talk with the dead and I Have shown this for years and years over hundreds of videos. Today I still try every day to push this field of research further and hope that many will see I take this as serious as life itself.

This is true spirit research and communication, and it is what I do.

All of my work is always 100% real. Remember! Love is the Key! Always!

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