UFOs in Watsonville, CA; Port Jefferson, NY & Toronto, ON


In this clip we examine 3 different UFO sightings recorded in Watsonville, CA; Port Jefferson, NY & Toronto, ON. Three very different looking objects. Do you have an idea what we are looking at?

Watsonville Description:

There was a large object that was rotating and hovering around for some time. The object seemed to be more of a half moon shape. You can see a ring of light or heat radiating from the object when you zoom in the video

Port Jefferson, NY Description

4am video clip of orb in front yard of my home on long island, ny. my nephew forwarded the video to a friend who is a videographer @ dartmouth university. i can provide his analysis if you are interested.

Toronto Derscription

last summer 2018 hanging out on my balcony saw this weird thing in the sky so I watched it flying in odd flight paths following airplanes that were landing for about three planes then it went up then down and I thought shit get my camera which I usually have handy so I ran back out and zoomed in on it (Nikon p 900)and had the chance to snap one pic looked up and it was gone. First thought a balloon but flew horizontal two directions and then up and down. it was about 7 km away what do you think. This took place near Pearson Intl airport.

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