5 People With Superpowers Caught On Tape | DEBUNKED


It is nearly impossible to ignore the presence of superheroes in today’s cultural landscape. In movies, comics, books, games and television, people with extraordinary superpowers manifest the idea that having such powers is something that can happen to anyone. Indeed, most of us would love to have a superpower of some sort; be it for the sake of being powerful or simply to make life easier for ourselves. We would like to believe that fiction can become truth and that extraordinary things can become reality. Some people take this will to a different direction – publicly proclaiming to have such supernatural abilities and make others believe that they are in some way unique and powerful. In most cases, however, the truth eventually sees the light of day and the pretenders get debunked in one way or another, proving that they are just people like you and I. Their stories and the buzz around them can still be fascinating to learn about, though, as deep down, would it not be really nice for such things to be real?


5. Yogamaatha’s Third Eye
4. Frank “Cannonball” Richards
3. Hong Kong Teleporter
2. Telekinetic Thai Girl
1. Uri Geller

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