10 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Video!


We live in a world where strange and abnormal events often go unnoticed. In the following 10 instances you are about to see, this wasn’t the case. These are 10 Anomalous Events that were caught on video:

10. Strange reflection of baby in mirror
9. Bigfoot trying to hitchkike
8. Family gets photobombed by ghost in Thailand
7. Strange creature in Peru jungle
6. Woman work late is haunted by ghost in office
5. Ghostly figure leaves ambulance
4. Time traveled appears in the middle of highway
3. Japanese ghost caught in creepy forest
2. La llorona ghostly woman caught on CCTV at mall
1. Youngsters scared by Thai ghost


Narration by: Zymaric

Stock footage provided courtesy “Decay is headed your way!” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCmuKNLE44T8kevpV6V6KFg and pixabay.com; Under royalty-free creative commons license.


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