The Missing 411 Problem: 5 Unsolved Cases That Defy Logical and Conventional Explanations…


Click below to watch David Paulides new movie, Missing 411: The Hunted, you will not be disappointed…

David Paulides is a former police detective turned writer who is best known for his Missing 411 book series in which he documents the mysterious and unexplained disappearances of people primarily from National Parks. Through his extensive research, he has uncovered the questionable nature of 100’s of missing persons and has now expanded his investigations to missing person cases across the world. Although at the moment he has no definitive answers to these puzzling disappearances he has found startling correlations between them, that suggest a pattern of circumstances that seem too similar to be a coincidence. Here we look at five cases that David has analysed that seem to defy logical and conventional explanations, some with happier endings than others…



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