Best Spirit Communication Ever Recorded. Haunted Patterson House. 100% Real w/The Chillseekers.




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This video, at the end, has my best session ever. As in, I have never recorded a better fully focused session in my lifetime. The replies were direct, clear and validating.

This collaboration with the Chillseekers and friends is a video that I will always cherish as the evidence contained in it is so important and what I have been striving for, for so long.

It’s not all the portal, not all the apps, not all the radios and recorders. Instead it is a combination of a few things. Energy. Honing in on that energy. Allowing our own energy to project to the spirits (our light) and the fact that we had five other experienced ITC researchers and investigators in the house as well made it that much more of a success. The equipment helps but it is not what makes the connection. We do. Many used to scoff at me when I said that as in the past, most (even me) thought it was all about the devices. Then I discovered the importance of the “connection” and I try to teach this to as many as I can, who want to learn how to develop deeper connections.

Energy is real, and with all of our energy combined we were able to record some amazing things, most we did not hear in real time (review is the most important part of ITC research) but that is normal for real ITC work. It’s a labour of love, and takes many hours.

Anyone who watches this and does not believe, will never believe. It is that strong of a documentary type of film on not only a haunted location but spirit communication itself.

Anyone who watches this and hates on it, has hate in their heart and will probably never change or prefers hate to love. Who hates in a 100% valid, real, important piece of ITC research like this? Who hates on Love? Sadly. Many do.

The video is about many things…about love, about light and shows what really happens when a team of experienced ITC researchers go into a real haunted location. No drama, no screams, no nonsense, no staging, no thrown furniture, no possessions (not how they are portrayed anyway) and no bloody noses or vomiting. That stuff is for entertainment, not reality. What we did here is as real as it gets, 100% real through and through.

Near the end I discovered something, and that was that the whole family still seems to reside at the house. The last session upstairs shows this clearly, and it is validated. The light is validated. God is validated. What I see is validated. CLEARLY.

This video also tells a story, about how we should all treat spirit and how important the light is to them, and us. There is also clear evidence here about Debby and I, about our light. This comes from the way we live life. Kindness, love, respect, empathy, care and helping others when we can. This fills our light until we are “full”.

This is one of my best pieces of evidence, one of my best videos. Ever. I have not seen more compelling real ITC evidence (communication) from anyone in my life. I want to thank Keith, Carissa, Rahkee and the two Kims for allowing Debby and I on their adventure. While I was so tired while on location (from our drive and lack of sleep the night before) it was a fun, productive night.

As hard as it will be for some to understand or accept, this is 100% real (and proven) and needs to be recognized as once it is, we will have much more love in this world than hate. LOVE IS THE KEY.

I love you all!

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