Ancient Civilizations Documentary Mysteries of the Great Pyramid – Graham Hancock


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The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World..For thousands of years, the Great Pyramid has stood as a hallmark of ingenuity and engineering. More Gaia episodes here:

Guests: Jack Cary, Billy Carson, Graham Hancock, Anton Parks, Robert Schoch, Andrew Collins, Robert Bauval

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It’s precise shape and design contain the same mathematical constants found throughout nature an across the universe.

This giant construction is a revelation of ancient mathematical knowledge and sacred geometry.

In 2018 while performing high energy solar cell research, scientists at ITMO University in Russia published that the great pyramid generates concentrated electromagnetic energy within its hidden chambers.

Could the pyramid also be capable of producing and transmitting electromagnetic frequencies. Harmonising electrical energy from the ionosphere?

Combining ancient and modern knowledge of the great pyramid. The enduring tales of Enlil and Enki, Horus and Osiris. Mythology and Technology. In this feature episode on the 5th kind we will Explore New Understandings of the Great Pyramid . A Gaia original episode from their most watched series “ancient civilisations”. Exclusively on Gaia.

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There are many secrets and mysteries yet to be revealed within the great pyramid of Giza. Archaeologists have long been puzzled by this ancient feat of engineering., yet With our ever expanding technology, It is only a matter of time before we know the truth.

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