10 Glitches In The Matrix Reloaded & Caught On Camera! Part 5


10 GLITCHES IN The Matrix Reloaded & caught On Camera Part 5! LookNowTV presents another installment of what some people believe are glitches spotted in real life. Some scientist & and physicists theorize that we are living in a a computer simulations. Many people are capturing mysterious and unexplained things on camera. Some claim these strange videos contain examples of possible glitches in the matrix! From a Soccer ball scoring through a net, to strange moments in sporting events, and ships/boats that look they are floating in the sky. Let’s take another look at this series of videos!!

★DrPhil59 AKA The ChemtraiI Whisperer★Leonard Mott★ P Dunaway ★Allison Knight ★Peter Wilson★Lisa Gabriel

MUSIC BY: CO.AG MUSIC & Myuu & Kevin MacLeod & Ross Bugden & Homage
CO.AG MUSIC: http://bit.ly/2f9WQpe
Ross Bugden: https://bit.ly/1jYgYcg
Myuu: https://bit.ly/1kEFaot
Kevin MacLeod: https://bit.ly/2iGIbak
Instrumental by Homage

^^ SUB to these guys! I use their awesome music a lot! :]

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