UFO Sightings – Feb 6-10 2019 Submissions Compilation #145


RAW FOOTAGE: The videos and photos contained in this production have been submitted by people from around the world and have not been investigated by qualified investigators as of yet. We encourage responsible comments from responsible individuals.

Sightings in this video:

CASE 98408 Lompoc, CA, USA 2019-02-09
CASE 98402 Durham, England, UK 2019-02-09
CASE 98393 Anaheim, CA, USA 2019-02-08
CASE 98389 Colorado, USA 2019-02-08
CASE 98384 Halifax, NS, Canada 2019-02-08
CASE 98374 Branson, MO, USA 2019-02-07
CASE 98371 Deerfield, FL, USA 2019-01-09
CASE 98367 Elverum, Norway 2019-02-07
CASE 98362 Melbourne, Australia 2019-02-07
CASE 98347 Allentown, PA, USA 2019-02-06
CASE 98355 Medford, OR, USA 2019-02-06
CASE 98335 Zywiec, Poland 2019-02-06

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