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REAL or FAKE – Truth is stranger than fiction join the journey into the supernatural, unknown, unexplained with Bill Bean, Exorcist shares his true personal accounts on UFOs, Angels, Ghosts, Bigfoot and Mothman. We do indeed live in strange times more and more people experiencing and witnessing Paranormal and Supernatural phenomenon than ever before. Bill Bean along with other contributors sharing their fascinating experiences of UFOs, Angels, Ghosts, Bigfoot and the Mothman phenomena!
Host ~ Norene Sampiere #paranormalzonetv
Guest: Bill Bean – https://www.billjbean.com/

ABOUT: Bill Bean – Exorcist, Spiritual Warrior
Best- selling author of four books, TV Star, Lecturer, Spiritual Warrior and Media Personality. God has worked through Bill Bean to help thousands with his message of hope, faith, and restoration! Bill believes that just as Jesus was sent forth to cast out demons and preach deliverance to the captives, we must also learn to operate in our God given authority to cast out unclean spirits according to Mark 3:14-15 and Luke 4:18.

Bill has appeared on seven episodes of the Discovery Channel/Destination America/TLC “A Haunting” series. He has also appeared on two episodes of George Noory’s “Beyond Belief” along with being a guest on Coast to Coast AM numerous times. From Cornerstone TV to the Travel Channel series “Dead Files,” plus the Lifetime Movie Network’s “I Was Possessed.” Featuring Bill, his cases and his stories. Bill also was in the 2010 Booth Brothers movie on SYFY called “The Haunted Boy.” He continues to travel all over America helping people to become free from evil and negativity. Bill Bean has served God as a Deliverance Minister bringing hope and relief to people in more than 40 diferent countries around the world…

Bill’s new book, “THE CONNECTION: Life Transformation Through Yahweh,” released February 2018 (Stellium Books) achieved number one best-seller on Amazon in the genres of Supernatural and Spiritual Warfare as well as being number one hot new release in both. Bill chronicles his journey from the terrifying and tragic paranormal experiences beginning in his youth to finding God’s grace and calling to become a Spiritual Warrior with all of his daily prayers and practices included.

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