Funeral Home Secrets Exposed | What They Don’t Want You To Know


Funeral Home Secrets Exposed, funeral homes, crematories, stories of necrophilia, voodoo and just plain old corpse abuse. Stories range from a 1902 funeral home owner that preserved his wife keeping her for several years in a glass casket up to current issues such as the Noble Georgia Crematorium case involving over 300 bodies. I will cover the history of funeral homes showing how, in my lifetime, funerals evolved from viewing at home to becoming funeral businesses. It will open your eyes to the business to this business!
Guest: Mark Fults, Author of Darkest Corner Series
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovicv, Paranormal
Zone TV
Mark Elliott Fults Author,Psychic ,Trance Artist, Illustrator a native of Chattanooga now living in Pensacola, Fl. Mark E Fults is the author of Chattanooga Chills and upcoming Chattanooga Chills Scream Louder the corpsewood catchfly , and The Darkest Corner .and is included in Teal Grays Shades of Angels, spirited tales and in Amy petullas book Corpsewood Maner Murders.and owner of the former Chattanooga Chills Ghost which will be available on pay per view this fall. in patrnership with Teal Gray Worldwide they have created ‘GrayFults Press’ to publish their own books ,which already include ‘Shades of Angels ‘ and ‘Spirited Tales ‘ which due to Teals efforts reached #1 on Kindle. Mark did illustrations and included several stories in each of Teals bestselling books, and has 4 new books of his own forthcoming. ‘Corpsewood Catchfly a Witches Tale’ available on Amazon.
The Psychic Wormstitch’ a psychic tell all book, and ‘The Darkest Corner’ tales of necrophilia and necromacy,and of course ‘Chattanooga Chills Scream Louder’.as well as several youtube shows ‘Shadows Paranormal ‘such as ‘Secrets of the Read House’ by Stormline films,and working on the song to accompany his upcoming childrens book’ The Wind is Calling My Name’ .

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