Supernatural Shadow People Are Real


Shadowy Spirits an unexplained paranormal mystery. Strange Shadow People encounters as they emerge from darkness, sending chills down your spine to the point you are paralyzed with panic, terror and dread. There’s no escaping the horror of your worst fear coming true. Then in an instant, the sinister looking being retreats back into blackness, only to return again when you least expect. This real-life nightmare of encounters with ominous supernatural entities happens every single night around the world.
The History of Shadow People
The threat of Shadow People is not a new phenomenon. For centuries many cultures have shared reports of assaults by entities from the world of the unseen. Renowned artists dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries depict shadowy beings in their work, and newspaper stories in the early 19th-century retell the monstrosity of supernatural attacks.
Guest: Paul Taitt,
Paul an accomplished and professional Videographer has since relocated to New England. Shortly after arriving in the United States he had the opportunity to serve as part of a paranormal investigation team, where he acted as an Investigator and Videographer. During this time he visited many haunted locations and bore witness to some very disturbing and interesting phenomena.Pauls real interest in shadow people began back in the late 1980’s, when he had a bizarre supernatural encounter with a Shadow Being, in the Chislehurst Caves, which are a 22 mile long series of intersecting underground tunnels, in Southeast London. Paul, along with a German female tourist witnessed an event that would change his whole outlook on the reality we live in. In addition, this event would be the driving force behind Paul’s fascination on the subject of the shadow people and in his own words “proved beyond any doubt that these things really do exist”.
With – Norene Sampiere Balovich – Host, Owner, Creator
ParanormalZone TV
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