Unsolved Murders, Disappearances | Talking to The Dead


Unsolved mysteries, murders using the Spirit Board, not Quija, to summon spirits, ghosts, the dead to channel information concerning life after death, reincarnation, alien presence on Earth and many other related subjects.
Guest: Barry Strohm – Author and Lecturer, Channeler
BIOGRAPHY – Barry Strohm was born near Hershey, Pennsylvania but currently resides in Park City, Utah with Connie, his wife of 51 years. The author graduated from Lehigh University with a Business Management degree and obtained a Civil Engineering License. He is the current owner of Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford, PA., one of the most haunted structures in the Country. What started as a casual interest in paranormal photography became an obsession as the author was led along the path of learning about the afterlife and the presence of aliens among us. The gift of spirit communication allows the author to contact the spirit of deceased aliens and obtain actual information that has never before appeared in print. He is assisted in all sessions by Connie Strohm.
​Most people are familiar with the classic Ouija board. In contrast, our board is round and we allowed the spirit guides to alter the design of the board to their own specifications. It is covered with glass and we use a hot poured quartz glass as the planchette that moves to the letters. The board is lubricated with a light oil to allow the quartz glass to move easily to the letters. All of our sessions are recorded with video and audio as proof we are actually receiving messages from the other side. I will usually be on the board with another person while my wife, Connie, records the letters and keep notes.
I use the gift of spirit communication through the use of a channeling board to bring information concerning life after death, reincarnation, alien presence on Earth and many other related subjects. Our sessions have included spirits such as Pres. John F. Kennedy, Pres Ulysses S. Grant, Genl. George Custer, King Richard 3rd, Buddy Holly, St. Timothy, St. Augustine, St. Martin of Tours and many others. All channeling sessions are recorded in video and audio as proof of the receipt of the information and contact with spirits on the other side of the veil of life.
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich

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