Most Popular UFO Videos Compilation

A compilation of over 20 of the best authentic UFO videos captured over the past few years.

0:24 The Phoenix Lights Have Returned
9:38 Two Orange Orbs Over Wilmington, NC
16:43 UFO Blows Something Up on iPhone Telescope
17:40 UFO Spits Out Orbs Over Alaska
26:41 Commercial Pilot Captures UFO on iPhone
27:26 Glowing Blue Orb Captured From Passenger Plane
28:15 White Orbs Over West London
29:47 UFO Over Chester County, PA
34:02 UFO Orbs Over Paris
36:02 Texas UFO Phenomenon
39:05 UFO Over Las Vegas
39:57 UFO Chased By Brighton Police Helicopter
40:51 UFO Sighting Over Chili
42:05 UFO Orbs Over New York
44:24 UFO Hovers Near California Airport
47:10 Strange Lights Hovering Over King of Prussia
50:58 UFO Sighting Over Raleigh,NC
52:56 White Orb UFO Over Phoenix, Arizona
57:58 UFO Filmed From Passenger Plane Over Iran
59:10 UFO: Military RAF Tested
59:47 Released Pentagon UFO Footage

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